Choose a Mobile Phone to Become a Youtuber

reecomendations mobile phone for youtuber

Be a youtuber is already very easy at this time we only need to record a video with your mobile phone and then upload is not easy, but to get the subscriber and view it hard mate must adjust or mimic the person in advance to obtain many views and also a subscriber. After that my friend had to do a review for monetization, and then get money from youtube. It is not easy now because now it is very difficult to do this but if my friend would still like to give it a try admin could help.

Memabantu by choosing a nice phone to be youtuber, because there's an awful lot that was once just a youtuber mobile capital then has now been successful as Adsense-servants of yah that's for sure. Therefore here is a abgik to know what mobile fitting to be a youtuber, namely:

Mobile fitting for youtube

1. A good camera.
It is most in need first to a youtuber is have a good camera to record its activity in the video, if anyone told you that first motivated well just try him record his face with the motivation of wkwk.  Well if my friend wants to buy a mobile phone that is great for ngeyoutube then select a good camera, have features not shake or stabilizer well although it is still rocking the most. But for the Iphone like mobile admin see reviewnya nice loh, his camera was stabilizernya really good results.

2. a good Processor.
If the friend had not because the slow mobile software that means because hardware, yes processor is very supportive to the speed of a mobile where if we use mobile which has a high processor so it was certainly very fast. This speed can be used to edit the video by using the video editor that is on Android phones such as kindmaster and others.

3. the Ram is great.
If we use the kind master application Processor need not only but are nice also need large Ram to do the record on the video we're recording. It is common to do so in need of RAM with a size of 2 GB up to record screen video seamlessly without any lag or jammed on the video.

4. no quick heat.
If the PAL a youtuber gaming or a youtuber who want to record video in addition to using kind master will need a good Processor and Ram is great it is definitely the phone don't fast heat. Yummy's not fitting to mention the video record stop because of mobile hot really rich iron ya sob. For it select a mobile phone does not heat up so fast our hands comfortable while the mobile use.

5. The reply Screen software Record can have a default.
For some types of mobile gaming or gaming series must have a Default Screen Record software to record a video screen while playing the game. As with mobile phones that have a Default Screen software Record surely we no longer need to download the application to record other than that it was certainly not taken by us ROM software that is downloaded.

Well that's the last 5 things to consider before buying a PAL camera for MotoVlog so that later on no regrets if any buy because it is less savvy about how to choose a camera. The information this time don't forget koment and also share.

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