The most expensive camera recommendations

expensive camera recommendations

Become a professional photo grafer was certainly using the items that top level quality with features that strongly support, to be a professional photographer in addition to skill we must also have a camera capable of enabling the results the more nice. For PAL who wrestles in the world the photographer would already know the cameras are cheap and an expensive camera because it was already working on it.

But not with lay people, thus in order to find out the most expensive cameras all around the world. So this time the admin will disclose it list the most expensive camera in the world therefore please refer to the following information:

The most expensive camera in the world

1. Pentax 645Z
If PAL lay people then it is definitely not familiar brand this one i.e. Pentax, pentax is itself on expensive camera manufacturer with great specs. Like this one that is 645Z with Pentax prices exorbitant i.e. 10,499 us dollars or equivalent of 139.4 million dollars, this camera has the features i.e. resolution CMOS sensor up to 51, 4MP. To relolusi own this camera has been very sharp once due to size up to 51, 4MP will surely generate images that are super clear. Wlaupun price is so but for the professional price definitely match the goods.

2. The Hasselblad H4D 200MS
We're number 2 with camera manufacturer that originated in Russia, this one is a camera Hasselblad H4D 200MS has a fantastic price of up to 45,000 us dollars or equivalent 597.7 million dollars, can buy fancy cars ya sob. To the features of this camera is to capture the 50MP resolutions up to gamabr on the object motion and density of up to 200 million pixels make this camera is perfect for taking pictures of fast moving though.

3. Leica S2-P
Us to the number 2 with the luamyan popular brand Leica, Leica camera issued its own expensive with the Leica S2-P type for the price which is around 30,000 us dollars or equivalent of 398 million rupiah is enough to buy a new car standards. For the Leica S2-P camera itself has features 5MP resolution 37, i.e. larger but not too big for the camera number 2 and 1. For cool features or advantages of the heck Camera Leica S2-P this is water resistant and also for battery life fair longer than on other cameras.

4. the Panoscan MK-3 Panoramic
We turn with camera 360 degree or panoramic type cameras, namely the Panoscan MK-3 Panoramic. Panoscan MK-3 camera Panoramic itself has the feature that is recorded with the type of photo or video 360 degrees with just 8 seconds time for filming. While the price of the camera Panoscan MK-3 Panoramic it is around 40,000 us dollars or equivalent of 531 million dollars well fair to buy a luxury car like SUV.

5. Canon EOS 1 d Mark III
Go to Canon, who is not familiar with the brand of this one. Well Canon alone makes products under the name Canon EOS 1 d Mark III for Insert as the most expensive camera in the world due to the price which is around 8,000 u.s. dollars or the equivalent of 100 million dollars. To the features of the Canon EOS 1 d Mark III it is sensor resolution had 21, 1MP and shutter speed are also 1/8000sec.

Well that's the last 5 most expensive camera in the world that can mate try to buy it if it becomes sultan. The information this time don't forget koment and also share.

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