Do This, to Deal With Insomnia Naturally

overcome insomnia without consuming anything

Hi friends on this occasion I will tell you about "treating insomnia naturally". Well, insomnia can be regarded as a disease because it disrupts the sleep patterns of someone who eventually leads to other diseases. Here's how to cope without consuming something like medicine and other beverages.

How to cope with insomnia without eating anything

1. No sleep in the morning, noon and late evening

For those of you who often suffer from insomnia or who are exposed to insomnia, then the best way to overcome them is to not sleep in the morning, afternoon and afternoon. Because people who have trouble sleeping in their work hours will make changes at bedtime to adjust to the sleep time of his insomnia. Therefore stay awake and do not sleep during the activity so you can sleep at night again.

2. Doing sports during the afternoon

Do some light exercise or if you want to exercise too much, by exercising before the evening your body will feel very tired and cause you to drowsy. Well by doing this sport you can treat insomnia while keeping your health so as not easily attacked by disease. Choose a sport that is cheap but can drain a lot of tranquility like running and others.

3. Do activity from morning till night

Do not forget to always do activities from morning to evening, even though you are not working that day but try doing any activity that makes you not sit and watch tv for a long time. Because usually people if watching tv often fall asleep to people who have difficulty sleeping then it is difficult to sleep on time.

4. Blinking fast

You can say this eye exercise where you have to wink quickly to feel tired when you want to sleep. Then when you feel tired, you can try to close your eyes for a long time and try to fall asleep so you can sleep because your eyes are tired from blowing too fast.

5. Get rid of your gadgets when you want to sleep

This gadget is usually a tool that often causes insomnia, because there are so many things that make you educated like chatting with others, stalking other people's accounts, playing games, watching movies, and more. Well if you want to sleep you can put your phone or gadget in a place away from the bed so your head is not too thinking about it and automatically then you can sleep.

6. Close your eyes and do not think about anything

For someone with the type of thinker, sleep will make it difficult, this is because many ideas that still accumulate have not been channeled and only appear when want to sleep. So for a case like this you have to empty your mind and not think of anything then try to close your eyes until you can sleep.

That's 6 tips to overcome insomnia without consuming anything, which of course you can try easily and quickly.

Well, that's the contents of this article, that is to overcome insomnia quickly and without the cost of expensive to do. Yup from this article can help you "sleep or sleep insomnia as usual" also do not forget to share and comment below

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