Advantages and Disadvantages of Razer Phone, Best Gaming Smartphone

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Hi friends on this occasion I will tell you about "Advantages and Disadvantages of Razer Phone or HP Razer gaming". Well surely you already know the big logo of this Razer gaming gadget, Razer has released Razer Phone some time ago. If you want to know the review about this Razer Phone then the following is SPECIFICATION along with the Advantages and Disadvantages of Razer Phone or HP Razer gaming.

Advantages of Razer Phone or HP Razer gaming:

1.Specified RAM is high

Specifications RAM on the Razer Phone is already very high because of its RAM "8 GB". Certainly, with this much RAM we can run many applications simultaneously without jamming. You can use this Razer Phone to open multiple applications simultaneously with large RAM storage you can open the application WA, FB, Browser, and others simultaneously.

2.The chipset specification is already high

Razer Phone chipset specification is already high because it can chipset its "Snapdragon 835 chipset". Very epic to play heavy games on Android in this hp with a specification like this eyes you guys can tripe android big even though.

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3.Screen Specification is already high

Razer Phone Screen Specifications are high with the specifications of "5.7-inch IGZO LCD QHD and 120Hz refresh rate". You will be comfortable using it to play games.

4.Play LOGO

If you are a person who likes to show off then buy this Razer Phone because on this Razer Phone you can show off the cool logos on your friends who can cause them sick ass (if you want).

Disadvantages of Razer Phone or HP Razer gaming:

1.The camera is not good

The camera on the Razer Phone is not good where the feature is not good when capturing the video, when you take a fast moving picture then the object will be blurred. In iPhone, this feature is already there to take a better picture when capture video he is not blurry when the object moves quickly.

2. Expensive Price

Yes, how not expensive for Razer Phone this price is "10 million". It's enough to make our pockets empty or even make us have debt. Therefore if you ordinary people do not need to buy it, unless you are the sultan's son, the official son, the corrupt child and the like.

3.No default feature of Razer

Usually, for laptops alone have additional features such as skins and other software that only exist in the razer. Well in Hp is very minimal even the default launcher like an ordinary Android phone. For those of you who like the Razer Phone then the display its razer in hp is very minimal yes most only at the time BOOTING and other processes are certainly very little.

4. Sharp

The edge of the Razer Phone is not dull, so from that to hold it to the edge is not comfortable. Therefore you should buy additional chasing to overcome this.

You already know how Razer Phone is, right back to you guys again if you want to buy it because I only do reviews only. To make this Razer Phone purchase do not expect at all hp store there because to buy this Razer Phone you have to buy it online.

Well that's the contents of this article, namely "Advantages and Disadvantages of Razer Phone or HP Razer gaming". Yup of this article hopefully help you "give information before you buy Razer Phone" also do not forget to share and comment below.