Stop Losing Things Gadget, Here's How to Order for Your Gadget is not Lost

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Hai friends on this occasion I will tell you about the "how to troubleshoot in order not to lose the gadgets". Well for those of you who are often forgotten places put a gadget or even lost gadgets although, at home, this article will help you guys. Because there are so many people who lose their gadgets on his own though isn't it a silly thing. Let's take a look at this article in order not to lose the gadgets.

Here is how to troubleshoot in order not to lose the gadgets are:

1. Do not use the silent mode

For you people who so often forgot to put gadgets mu where then please do not use the silent mode or silent mode, so that later when hp mu lost or forgotten in the place where you can ask for thy brother to call hp mu. So the sound of the mu from hp can help you to find where the layout of the hp mu. Well, use the silent mode only when such important meetings and other important meetings. Do not forget after meeting or important meetings are completed to enable hp to thee again.

2. Make it a habit to put it in an easily visible place

Do not put the hp over a high Cabinet, in clothes that are not in use, the bag was not used and other places that are difficult in view. Because if you put it there then it will be hard to find it, so from that place was the one gadget or hp mu in a place that is easy to look like on the table, inside pocket and other places that would have been easy to find. In addition to that by putting the gadget in a place easily visible in addition to the bags can prevent us from radiation in the gadget to generate by us.

3. buy a place or gadget box if necessary

If you love to travel then buy hp places that you can put on a belt so as not to forget the layout of the hp mu where not only that with put it in there it will be troubling people who want to steal it from thee because of thy hp clearly visible if you people who want to take it from you. At the same time in order not to carelessly put it where-where. Although the ancient looks better in order for hp mu is not lost to you guys that frequent shortcoming or forgetful because if lost outside the home it will be less likely for the mu hp back on you.

4. do not lend it to people who you do not trust

Make it a habit not to lend thy hp on people you do not trust because it could have been that person will remove it u know. Okay, you guys could give reasons such as handphone low battery, hp is damaged or does not bring the hp so that such person did not borrow it.

That's 4 TIps or ways to overcome in order not to lose the gadget could you guys try, the gadget is the important thing that we can communicate with each other. If you lose a gadget somewhere that much then it would be a disaster when you cannot communicate at the time.

Well, that is the content of this article, "how to troubleshoot in order not to lose the gadgets". Yup so this article may help you guys "in order not to lose or forget the layout of gadgets you guys is where" also do not forget to share and comment on this article

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