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Hai friends on this occasion I will tell you about "how to make gadgets such as new". Well if you guys feel that you guys use the phone now looks worn and dull. Then you guys are thinking to buy a new gadget, then think again because of that one by doing the following changes will change this mindset so you guys but using the gadgets you guys that it is today. Because if you guys keep your own gadgets now you guys can save money that you can use for other things that are more important.

Here's how to make the new gadgets such as:

1. attach the sticker or replace Chase

You can buy ready-made stickers in shops or mobile phone can also do custom stickers in certain places. By using stickers or replace the Chase you will eliminate the old impression of You on the phone You guys so don't feel too bored with it. You can use stickers or replace the pursuit in accordance with your favorite football team of people, who use a superhero, using stickers and other stickers point you guys love pictures.

2. change the look or skin software

After trying to make the changing outside you can also make changes to your skin or viewed by changing the software so you guys won't get bored you use
the cell phone. There are many skins on the internet can You people try to start from the change icon, change the Launcher, change wallpaper and many more could You guys try to eliminate the boredom You guys if You are bored of your gadgets to viewed as new even if you know that you guys have long phone calls.

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3. upgrading the operating system

With the upgrade of the operating system that it is definitely you guys change the gadget you guys recently, also there are so many versions of the OS are you guys should try try, so you guys will eliminate long impression on mobile gadgets you guys like. By making changes in the os you will also change the way it uses the os upgrade is definitely makes you feel new gadgets.

4. install accessories

You can use accessories to change the look of you guys you guys on your cell phone. You guys can make big changes by installing the accessories on the old phone you guys to make it look as good as a fresh installation of hangers with dolls or anything you like and install accessories that surely you guys really like.

that's 4 ways or TIPS to make gadgets such as new, if you still use old gadgets then you guys look loyal. Because gadgets keep gadgets that have the exact same function. You can compare an expensive gadget and gadget, equally to communication tools. Unless you guys want to replace your gadget since the purposes of such work as an Animator who needs his computer to a higher specification so it can then be made faster in the workmanship. For important things like work there is no wrong to replace him, as long as it will not interfere with Your activities or routines each day.

Some of the core of this article may help you guys "so it does not quickly bored with the old gadget you guys by making changes that can eliminate boredom" also do not forget to share and comment below this article.

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