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build trust in relationship
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The expert opinion about trust

Trust is the willingness of someone to count on others where we have confidence in him. The trust is a mental condition that is based on a person's situation and its social context. When someone takes a decision, he would prefer a decision based on the choice of the people who he believes can be more than a less credentialed (Moorman, 1993).

According to Rousseau et al (1998), the trust is the psychological territory that is a concern to receive what it is based on expectations of good behavior towards other people. Consumer confidence is defined as the willingness of one party to accept the risk of the other party's actions are based on the expectation that the other party will perform the actions essential to the parties believe it, regardless of the ability to supervise and controlling the actions of those who believed (Mayer et al., 1995).

According to Ba and Pavlou (2002) defines trust as an assessment of one's relationship with others who will do certain transactions in accordance with expectations in an environment that is full of uncertainty.
Trust occurs when a person is confident with the reliability and integrity of those who believed (Morgan & Hunt, 1994).

Doney and Canon (1997) that the creation of the initial partner relationships with customers is based on trust. Things were also expressed by McKnight, Choudry, and Kacmar (in Bachmann & Zaheer, 2006), stating that confidence built prior to certain parties get to know each other through interaction or transaction. Online trust refers to a trust in a virtual environment.

According to the Rosseau, Sitkin, and Camere (1998), the definition of trust in a variety of contexts IE someone's willingness to accept the risk. Adapted from the definition, Lim et al (2001) says consumer confidence in the internet as a shopping consumer willingness to expose themselves to the possibility of losses experienced during the transaction of shopping via the internet, based expectation that the seller promises a transaction that will satisfy the consumer and is able to send goods or services that has been promised.

That belief is very expensive if you lose your confidence will be very difficult to rebuild it. Especially if you think about the business world, trust is a major key to success. To get customers so the product can be sold then you have to cultivate confidence in them. Not only in the business world, you have to build trust in the workplace.


If you want to be trusted by others and so, the first step you should do is to say to be honest. Whatever happens to yourselves if it's not a privacy then you must be honest with them, lest you lie or reverse an existing fact. Because, if you're caught lying, trust others against you will be lost. So it's a time when you say fits the facts then other people will assume you're lying. It is very important to maintain the trust because trust is very expensive and difficult to be repaid if it is lost.

Tell me what's going on actually

Maybe similar to the point above, for example praising someone just tell me who to be honest don't until you lie though just to make someone happy. Better you do not praise rather than having to praise with lies.

Be the solution to the problems of others

When someone asks about any fact you could answer, then the answer to the person who asked the question was really resolved what they are complaining about. Doing it this way continuously, gradually you will gain confidence. Because at basically if someone believes in you then they will be spread to other people that you could to trusted.

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stay close to others people because of the trust can be built through the immediacy of it, the more you close to other people increasingly believe also others against you. Don't just close to 1 person just yet, try close to everything so that the trust of others to you.


To get the confidence you need to dare to say to be honest from the start until the behavior because to get a trust can only be once in a lifetime when trust is lost it will be hard to get Trust again. Don't waste other people's confidence if you do not want to regret in the future.

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